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Wine tourism

The effervescent Champagne region

Travelling in the Champagne region is bound to please your taste buds. Indeed, you’re here in the birthplace of the most sophisticated sparkling drink in the world. Champagne is the stuff of dreams, and no trip to the Côte des Bars would be complete without trying these golden bubbles. This is particularly true if you stay at our hotel in Les Riceys.
With three distinct AOC-certified wines, a visit to one of the nearby cellars or vineyards in this green, hilly area is a real must. The Champagne region’s know-how is passed down from generation to generation here, just like at the prestigious Arnaud Tabourin House, which provides a tour of the estate and a champagne tasting. And you can’t leave Les Riceys without trying the famous Rosé des Riceys, a special designation with a specific flavour.

Head to Mussy-sur-Seine or to the medieval town of Bar-sur-Seine for other delicious tastings, more delicious stops to your schedule. Wine tourism in the Côte des Bar in the Champagne region makes for an unforgettable adventure combining flavours and aromas.