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A tourist’s dream

Just 50 minutes from the hotel, step into Troyes, the historic capital of the Champagne region, where you’ll be able to discover a range of cultural and artistic delights. Indeed, there are plenty of monuments and after just a short walk in the town centre, you’ll fall in love with the Medieval houses.

With its timber-framed façades dating to the 1500s and its pedestrianised streets such as the enchanting Ruelle des Chats, Troyes will astound you with its immense heritage. You’ll fall in love instantly with the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul-de-Troyes Cathedral, while the Sainte-Madeleine Church, Troyes’ oldest, will awaken your curiosity the moment you step in. You’ll immediately be astounded by its renowned stain-glass windows, in particular by the detail of the Final Judgement window, which is just as delicate as a stained-glass window in a cathedral. From the tops of the columns to the marble work, all the decor is completely unique to the region.

Troyes also has a strong gastronomic reputation, best illustrated by enjoying a glass of champagne or sampling an andouillette. A gourmet destination if there ever were one, Troyes invites you to treat your inner gourmand at one of its culinary events such as the traditional Champagne Fairs in May. Follow this up by hunting for some top fashion brands at one of the town’s factory outlets, the perfect way to round off your trip in the Aube.